On-Board-Pharmacy for skippers

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On-Board-Pharmacy for skippers

On-Board-Pharmacy for skippers First Aid Kit

Skippers on crossing need partially very extensive equipment for the First Aid Kit. However the almost mostly of nautical miles are sailed on a small trip with daily port stay. Exactly for this purpose the Ballistol On-Board-Pharmacy for all skippers of sailing boats and motor yachts is configured.

For first-aid kits there are no binding regulations or official recommendations for the content. It makes sense in any case the content of automotive first aid kits according to DIN 13164. In addition, you need an effective insect repellent and an agent for disinfecting wounds and wound care and for the treatment of sunburn, burns, minor skin irritations, etc. You can do everything with the 90 years proven Neo Ballistol home remedy. So the medicine chest is small and clear. Then the whole should be at hand quickly in a robustly box. With this basic equipment, the Ballistol On-Board-Pharmacy-Kit will be supply.

Then you should complete according to your personal preferences:

  • Agent for vertigo (sea sickness)
  • If necessary, personal medications for your acute or chronic diseases

Here apply again our formula for the most favorable and at the same time individually most suitable first-aid kit:

Basic first-aid kit
+ Standard drugs in the preferred compositions of the customer (eg pain killers, anti-vertigo, etc.)
= Optimal On-Board Pharmacy

This saves money and provides the best individual On-Board Pharmacy Kit. The First Aid Kit will contain no unnecessary content and yet everything is thought of.

This includes the Ballistol first Aid Kit for Skippers

SkipperAll green listed content comes with the Ballistol On-Board Pharmacy Kit. The other contents are supplemented by, the customer preferred compounds.

  • Table of contents with expiration dates

    Here we have a list prepared for you in which you can enter the drugs, the intended use and its expiry date. So you always have immediately in view, whether something needs to be replaced.

  • Overview of the most important emergency numbers at the destination

    Here we made an overview for you, in which you enter your personal key emergency numbers. So you can not forget anything, the most important data are already been entered and you just have to add the numbers.

  • Dressing material according to DIN 13164

    With adhesive tape, adhesive bandage, fingertip plasters, finger plasters, plaster strips, compressive bandages, dressing pads, fixative bandages, rescue blanket, wound compressions, triangular bandages, scissors, disposable gloves, cleaning wipes for cleaning intact skin, first aid instruction booklet and table of contents ‐ all in the full amounts which are defined in DIN 13164. Here you will find the complete list of content of DIN 13164.

  • Agent for Wound Care etc. (10 ml Neo Ballistol)

    Neo Ballistol disinfects, cleans, assists wound healing, relieves itching e.g. from insect bites and is suitable for many other applications.

  • Remedy against insect bites (20 ml Stichfrei Insect Repellent)

    Stichfrei Insect Repellent protects many hours reliable from annoying and dangerous insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, etc.

    Insektenschutzmittel sicher verwenden. Vor Gebrauch stets Kennzeichnung und Produktinformationen lesen.

  • 2 cool packs / compresses

    Our cooling packs are cold / warm compresses and microwaveable. Keep the compresses always in the fridge. Only so they are useful in an emergency. If heat is necessary you can easily and quickly heat up the compresses in the microwave. We deliver the On-Board Pharmacy Kit with two cold / warm compresses in the following sizes: 12 x 29cm and 13 x 14cm.

  • Closable robust and fast tangible "vessel" for the contents of the Home Remedy Kit

    We do not recommend to lock such first aid kits.

  • Instructions for first aid

    Most people have even completed a first aid course or a briefing on emergency measures at the crash scene as part of the driving test and know in an emergency not know how to behave properly. The small guide shows clear and easy to understand what is important in first aid, and how to act properly.

What should be included also in the On-Board First Aid Kit?

  • Regularly Administered medications (prescribed by your doctor)
  • Your preferred painkillers

Additional contents of the On-Board Pharmacy, depending on the meaningfulness – decide yourself

The meaningful content of the Pharmacy Kit for Skippers depends on the number of people, age of people, how often and in which region you berth, etc. Here you can find some suggestions that you may find useful for your personal first-aid kit:

The Ballistol Skipper Kit ‐ unique and unbeatable in price and quality

Skipper KitOn board of ships and boats you have to economize with the available space. For the decision what you take on board applies the principle: As much as necessary and as little as possible. Following these principles, we have put together for all skippers the set for care, maintenance, repair, lubrication and much more. In a compact box is all together, what you need on board ‐ also in case of unforeseen events. Here you will find the Ballistol Skipper-Kit.

Do you already know the travel pharmacy kit?

Travel Pharmacy KitFollowing the same principles as the On-Board-Pharmacy, we also have compiled a favourable travel pharmacy kit for you that take particular into account the following: All necessary contents are available. All content, where you may prefer specific compounds (e.g. headache tablets, etc.), you compile self.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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