Aluminum Bluing

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Aluminum Bluing

Aluminum bluing

Aluminum bluing is suitable for surface refinement and can also be used by laypeople. The black one for aluminum alloys is wear-resistant and durable. Aluminum bluing is ideal for repairing scratches and rubbing areas, but also for new bluing.

It can be used as brush-bluing or dip-bluing and produces colors up to a rich black.

For the bluing of aluminum alloys, the surfaces must be pretreated in accordance with the aluminum bluing instructions.

The aluminum bluing is very productive. Only around 100 ml is needed for one square meter.

Here you will find all agents for bluing and browning.

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: dark red, clear
  • Odour: sweet, bitter almond
  • Relative density: 1- 1.1 g/cm³ (20°C) Pressure 1013 mbar
  • Solubility in water: Easily soluble

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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