Ballistol Quick Browning for iron and steel 1000 ml

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Ballistol Quick Browning for iron and steel 1000 ml

Ballistol Quick Browning 1 liter for each iron and steel with until 3% chromium

Here you can find quick browning to dye of copper, brass and bronze.

The useful novelty for both, experts and amateurs. Ballistol Browning resp. Quick Browning for iron and steel. The hole process continues 10 minutes from preparation until completion. Therefore Ballistol Quick-Browning saves time and money. Ballistol Quick Browning guarantees permanent and wear-resistant browning.

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: dark green, clear
  • Odour: dull, slightly metallic
  • Relative density: approx. 1.1 g/cm³ (at 20 °C & 1,013 hPa)
  • Solubility in water: can be mixed as required

Proceed like this: the weapon has to be degreased carefully with Robla

Cold Degreaser.

Then apply Ballistol Quick Browning by means of a dropper or Applikator on the parts to be browned (Note that Ballistol Quick Browning does not work on steel containing more than 3% Chromium). Allow to react for say 3 minutes until a yellow-whitish cover forms. Then wash it off with water, dry it by dabbing with a soft cloth and spray

Ballistol Universal Oil or Gunex on it. Ready! That can’t be done more simply, quickly and cheap?

Here you find all Ballistol Quick Browning at a glance – it guarantees permanent and wear-resistant browning.

Very fine steel wool ensures perfect browning results:
Fine and finest steel woolIn preparation of the metal for the bluing you should use very fine steel wool with fineness degree 00. Also for oiling a new bluing this steel wool is the first choice. If you are working in a humid environment, a stainless steel wool is possibly of interest to you.

Applicator for bluingsFor best bluing results use our Applicator for bluings. No dripping, no inhomogeneous application.

Disposable gloves of nitrileHere you will find disposable gloves of nitrile for the clean work withbrowningwhich we also offer in small quantities as from 10 Pieces.

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Ballistol Quick Browning for each iron and steel with until 3% chromium

Quick browning to dye of copper, brass and bronze, you can find here.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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