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Body Care

Body care is one of the most important prerequisites for individual well-being./p>

The body care products from Ballistol with more than 110 years of experience come exclusively from German production and contain only high-quality, natural and rich ingredients. So the massage and wellness oils are specially formulated to promote either relaxation or revitalization and regeneration gently but sustainably. The different scents play an important role in this finely balanced formulation.

Neo-Ballistol Home Remedy is a successful home remedy for over 80 years with a range of applications in personal care, which is as broad as that of Ballistol Universal oil in technical matters. Skin care, relaxation, regeneration, wound treatment, relief of itching and many other properties make Neo-Ballistol a universal home remedy. Also for the hand care, foot care, nail care and for the prevention of nail fungus and bedsores as well as massage oil and many other applications Neo-Ballistol is passed on for generations as part of insider tip.

Also in the category of body care you will find the popular Sting Free insect repellent as spray or liquid. The in the tropics successfully tested agent effectively protects against mosquitoes, flies, ticks, horsefly and many other annoying and often dangerous insects.