Oiler of metal 350 ml + Ballistol oil 500 ml

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Oiler of metal 350 ml + Ballistol oil 500 ml

Oiler of metal 350 ml with a single acting pump + Ballistol universal oil 500 ml liquid.

With this bundle you buy an oiler of metal with a container volume of 350 ml, which contains no brass parts and therefore it is especially suited to use Ballistol Oil + Ballistol oil 500 ml.

Short-Description Oiler of metal 350 ml:

Detailed information you find under Oiler of metal 350 ml with a single acting plastic pump.

This Oiler from Pressol contains no parts of brass and therefore it is also suited to keep Ballistol universal oil for a long term. The pumping station is equipped with ball valves. It is also possible to dose drop by drop.

What is the difference between single acting and double acting pumps?

At double acting pumps, the oiler dispense with each lifting a similar large amount of oil. Oilers with single acting pumps dispense at every second lifting the greatest amount.

Technical data:

  • Container capacity: 350 ml
  • Material of container: steel
  • Color of container: red, RAL 3000
  • Length of spout: 135 mm
  • Material of spout: Aluminum
  • Height: 120 mm
  • Base L X B (mm): 145 X 85
  • Weight: 0,225 kg

Ballistol sprayShort description of Ballistol oil

Detailed information you find under Ballistol oil.

Ballistol oil is slightly alkaline with a pH-value of approx 8 it is highly effective, universal and environmentally friendly. Ballistol cares, lubricates, disinfects, protects against rust and crawls into the finest corners. It is completely biodegradable, food-safe and skin-friendly. Due to its composition, Ballistol cannot become resinous even after decades and, thanks to its pharmaceutically pure ingredients, is also approved for parts in contact with products in the food industry.

Ballistol Universal Oil is the insider tip for

  • Do-it-yourselfers, industry and crafts
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • Household and garden
  • Wood and leather care
  • Anglers, hunters and shooters

Further information you will find in the Ballistol-Story.

Here you will find all sizes and sorts of Ballistol universal oil.

Weitere InformationenFurther Information

Ballistol Universal Oil Get to know Ballistol Universal Oil – proven since 1904.

Oiler, Dispender and AtomizerHere you will find all all Oiler and Dispenser. Here we offer environmentally friendly alternatives to spray cans with propellant gas and also precision oil pens to dose your oil drop by drop.

With this bundle you buy an oiler of metal with a container volume of 350 ml, which contains no brass parts and therefore it is especially suited to use Ballistol Oil + Ballistol oil 500 ml.

    • Büermann Peter wrote on 31.01.2019
    • Das Öl verwende ich schon lange in meiner Motorradwerkstatt und der Öler ist … read more

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