Pepper spray Pepper KO Fog 40 ml

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Pepper spray Pepper KO Fog 40 ml

Pepper spray as FOG for outdoor use

Holster für AbwehrspraysPlease note:
Here you get a suitable Holster for safekeeping transport and quick access to the defense spray.

Protective spray ”Jogger attacked by dog” – ”Killer dog bit woman” – ”Sex offender molests teenager”

Headlines like these will belong to the past wherever the potential victim has Pepper KO pepper spray. It contains highly concentrated pepper concentrate Oleoresin Capsicum, which means the technical knock-out even for the most aggressive attacker. Pepper KO pepper spray – the ideal equipment for your self-protection. The 50 ml-aerosol is sufficient for a pack of wolves!

Pepper KO pepper spray does not only act as a ”natural mace” against aggressive dogs, but against other dangerous mammals, too. And of course, it is also the convincing non-lethal body guard against rioters and other criminals. The application of this spray is restricted only in Germany: there it may only be used against animals. But what counts in the case of self-defense is the result, not the permission. Pepper KO pepper spray is what you can rely on.

The content of Pepper KO pepper spray is environmentally safe because it is biodegradable. The pepper concentrate is also used for preparing ultra-hot meals – in a less concentrated form, however.

Pepper KO pepper spray – Small in size, but smashing in action.

Defense sprays with panic lockPanic lock prevents misuse in emergency situations:
All our defense sprays with less than 100 ml capacity are equipped with a patented panic lock. This prevents in case of intuitive action in emergency situations, that the trigger will not properly operated. No matter if you press the panic lock or the trigger of defense sprays, the irritant will be released immediately. Nevertheless, the closure protects reliable from accidental triggering during transport or in the hand pocket. So you have the full safety on your side.

Pepper Spray pepper KO is available in the following sizes and sorts:
Pepper Spray Fog – easy to target and hit in sizes 40 and 50 ml.
Pfefferspray Jet – also for closed rooms in sizes 40 and 50 ml

Here you find the variations of Pepper sprays and cs-sprays:

Further InformationFurther Information

Paypal prohibits the payment of defense sprays. If you buy a CS spray, pepper spray or a dog repellent spray from us, all payment methods except Paypal are available for you.

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Pepper spray as FOG for outdoor use.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

    • Marco wrote on 06.07.2020
    • Erfüllt seinen Zweck.
    • Dieter Mayr wrote on 26.03.2019
    • Der beste Pfefferspray
    • Ermenegildo Stambene wrote on 07.12.2018
    • Schnelle Lieferung, Ware gut und preiswert.
    • Ines Picardt wrote on 08.10.2018
    • Klasse, wirksam und handlich
    • Ines Picardt wrote on 08.10.2018
    • Klasse, wirksam und handlich
    • vanni wrote on 27.09.2017
    • prodotto eccellente ottimo per difesa personale il migliore .
    • vanni b. wrote on 01.02.2017
    • ottimo prodotto da difesa , consigliato per mettere a ko gli aggressori. consegna veloce … read more
    • Patric M. wrote on 25.01.2017
    • Alles bestens, gerne wieder!
    • Richard J. wrote on 05.10.2016
    • Ich habe vor vielen Jahren erlebt, wie das ca. ein Sekunden lange versehentliche … read more
    • J L. wrote on 05.10.2016
    • Good product and fast delivery. Thank you very much.
    • Marco wrote on 06.07.2020
    • Erfüllt seinen Zweck.
    • Dieter Mayr wrote on 26.03.2019
    • Der beste Pfefferspray

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