Mairol yucca and palm fertilizer

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Mairol yucca and palm fertilizer

Palm fertilizer – you can rely on Mairol

Palms love fertilizer, but at the same time react very sensitively to over-fertilization. We will show you here how you can get strong and beautiful palms with little effort when fertilizing. Mairol palm fertilizer is suitable for all palms such as yucca and elephant foot palm, dwarf palm, dwarf date palm, Chinese hemp palm and all other types of palm.

What nutrients does a palm fertilizer need?

A really good palm fertilizer like Mairol contains a balanced mixture that is precisely tailored to the needs of the plants. Important nutrients for the health and growth of palms are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


Nitrogen ensures growth and a healthy color of the palm leaves. Without nitrogen, the palm cannot form chlorophyll in the leaves and photosynthesis would not be possible. The consequences of a nitrogen deficiency are therefore reduced growth and lower leaf production &ndash depending on the severity, this can lead to the death of the palm sooner or later.


Potassium regulates plant metabolism and water balance in the plant. Potassium also strengthens the cell walls and makes the palm resistant to frost and heat stress. This last aspect is also particularly important for outdoor palms.


Magnesium enables sunlight to be used to produce glucose and oxygen. A magnesium deficiency is shown by yellow leaves and irregular growth.

Micronutrients for palms

In addition to the main nutrients, so-called micronutrients are also extremely important when fertilizing. Although the palm only needs small amounts of them, it cannot develop healthily without them. This is because the micronutrients regulate other metabolic processes in the palm.

  • Boron prevents dry rot and regulates cell metabolism.
  • Iron stimulates cell metabolism and supports the formation of chlorophyll for healthy chlorophyll.
  • Manganese is also needed as an essential trace element for metabolism and prevents dry spot disease.
  • Molybdenum enables the formation of important enzymes. Nickel and vanadium enable the absorption of nutrients and are therefore crucial for the development of the palm.
  • Zinc is „medicine“ for the palm and enables healing for various problems.

Compare palm fertilizers:
The NPK value is a frequently used value for fertilizers. The value is intended to provide information about the concentration of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (strong>P) and potassium (K). However, comparisons of fertilizers based on the NPK value are rarely meaningful for various reasons.

Dose palm fertilizer?

Fertilize palm plants once a week during the main season from March to October.

During the resting phase, fertilize the palms only twice a month.

Dosage: 2 ml palm fertilizer per 1 liter of water.

Avoid over-fertilization

Over-fertilization is generally harmful to plants. In palm trees, this can lead to root burns, among other things. Therefore, follow the dosage recommendations and allow fertilized water to drain away even from potted plants to avoid a concentration of fertilizer in the soil.

General care instructions for palm trees

Palm trees need a lot of water and should always be kept moist. However, waterlogging must be avoided. Good drainage is therefore important. This is best achieved with palm soil or a mixture of potting soil, sand and perlite.

For potted plants, put a layer of expanded clay at the bottom. Use a pot with drainage holes on a saucer.

Water thoroughly with a fine spray and distribute the water evenly along the trunk.

Home remedy or palm fertilizer?

Palm trees prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil. Coffee grounds are a popular home remedy for adjusting the pH value of the soil accordingly. Coffee grounds also provide the important nitrogen. In addition to this home remedy, brew or liquid manure made from nettles or other herbs are also popular as homemade fertilizers or sources of nitrogen.

Horn shavings are also used as an organic fertilizer to provide nitrogen. However, horn shavings do not contain potassium, magnesium or other important micronutrients for palm trees.

For optimal nutrition, a palm tree only needs a small amount of most nutrients. But it does need a large number of nutrients in a balanced ratio.

Mairol palm fertilizer offers great advantages over household remedies. The high-quality palm fertilizer supplies the plants with all the necessary nutrients and ensures health, growth and strong green leaves.

Universal fertilizers, such as the artificially produced Blaukorn, are unsuitable for fertilizing palm trees. Using them can quickly lead to over-fertilization of the palm tree. The sensitive roots of the palm tree can be damaged by the mass of nutrients.

High-quality palm fertilizer

Regular fertilization with high-quality palm fertilizer with all main and trace nutrients is crucial for the growth and health of palm trees. It also helps the corresponding palm species to become winter hardy or to increase their tolerance to frost.

A high-quality palm fertilizer such as Mairol protects your palm trees from damage and ensures long-term health and growth.

Contents: 1 liter

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