Gunex Universal Oil 100 ml

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Gunex Universal Oil 100 ml

Gunex Universal Oil 100 ml

Gunex Universal Oil is the multiple test winner from Ballistol.

Gunex is available as pure oil and as oil spray. It is a self-creeping oil and produces first-class corrosion protection and excellent lubrication performance.

Suitable for all bare metals – even in extreme conditions (-50°C to 100°C). Gunex also removes resins of unsuitable oils and infiltrates moisture. It cannot stick or resinify due to its properties.

The most important properties of Gunex at a glance:

  • Maintains and protects metals of all types from corrosion for a long time
  • Displaces water from metal surfaces
  • Creeps into the finest cracks
  • Cleans dirty mechanics
  • Keeps moving parts slidable
  • Does not stick or resinify
  • Is extremely temperature resistant

Here you will find all information and all sizes and grades of Gunex Universal Oil at a glance.

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