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Skipper box

Skipper-Set Skipper Box

Skipper Set for ships and boatsOn board of ships and boats you have to economize in principle with the available space. This includes primarily the decisions about what you take on board and what not. The rule is the principle:

As much as necessary and as little as possible

The trick is to assess accurately as possible what is needed. If considering all possible emergencies, the first-aid kit and tool kit, emergency equipment, etc. do not have enough space. It is therefore necessary to save space to have the most important things handy if needed.

Our skipper case is compiled exactly to these principles.

What is needed aboard a pleasure craft?

Water and especially salt water are permanently "opponents" of many materials. Therefore, highly effective rust inhibitors are a must on every ship. If it is too late, you need also an agent to remove the rust from the surface. You need an impregnation agent and a universal lubricant. However, you do not necessarily want to spray on a sailing boat with oils or even work with oil cans. Rather, you need at most places only a single drop of oil, which should also be ecologically safe.
a must have on every ship

On board of ships and boats spray oils are not always appropriate

Since you aboard a ship usually want to dispense only small amounts or single drops of oil, it is not recommended to use spray oils. If you ever used spray cans with very little pressure to release only a few small drops from the can, the pressure is consumed faster than the oil. We have already discussed with many sailors and sport boaters. Therefore, always use a liquid medium or better yet our precision oiler. But mind for similar looking but cheaper oil-pens always, that only this high-end precision oil pen is suitable for alkaline media and the rough and salty sea air.

The Skipper-Box will be delivered with the following contents:

Notes on the products in the Skipper Set

Notes on the products in the Skipper Set

Precision Oil-Pen to dose single drops of oil

Precision Oil-PenThe precision oil pen is made of solid aluminum and a mechanism of high quality materials, which also allows the processing of alkaline oils and other media. With this precision oil pen no drop is wasted and also the areas which surround the to-oily parts are not smeared unnecessary. Skipper Robert Reichman (see below) already said it: “It should to be invented an oiler to dispense a single drop of Ballistol“.

Included in the Skipper-Set: One Precision Oil Pen.

Funnel of stainless steel fit for the precision oil pen

Funnel of stainless steelThis funnel fits exactly into the tank of the oil pen and enables a clean filling of the oil tank.

Included in the Skipper-Set: One Mini Funnel of Stainless Steel.

Impregnation with proven long-term effect

impregnationImpregnation you need on board a ship as well as on the campsite or in the mountain hut. Unfortunately, many impregnating not deliver what they promise. That this is different with our impregnation, you will see in this remarkable short video.

Included in the Skipper-Set: 200 ml Waterproofing Spray.


Ballistol-Universal-OilIt is known that Ballistol Universal Oil is suitable for more than 1000 purposes, ecologically sound, food-safe and has excellent characteristics for maintenance, lubrication and cleaning. More about, you will find for example in the Ballistol-Story.

Skipper Robert Reichman recommends Ballistol on board of ships.
With over 30 years of sailing experience Skipper Reichmann is now known in the scene and a frequent skipper on all routes in the world's oceans. Robert Reichmann writes as: … Dear Team in Ballistol-Shop, I'm as sailor mostly on long journey and Ballistol has e.g. saved my small outboard motor and a fixed idler pulley in the mast made passable ... Alone on a sailboat I could give twenty recommendations for the use of Ballistol. Ballistol is a wonder weapon on board. On the boat, there are hundreds of things that really need only a drop, especially the blocks (guide rollers). In other words, the spray bottle should dispense only one or two drops but that consumed too much propellant in spray cans. Maybe you can develop a hand pump that would not rust. Greetings from the South West Caribbean, Robert.

Both problems are solved. The Ballistol hand sprayer is thanks to its special pumping mechanism able to atomize the liquid and quite viscous Ballistol. For the desired solution of Robert to dose on ships only a single drop of oil, we have developed the precision oiler for Ballistol. In contrast to all other partly very similar-looking oil pens is just this Ballistol-Precision-Oil-Pen able to process alkaline oils like Ballistol. Inferior materials in cheap oilers will attacked due to the cleaning power of Ballistol, which e.g. can lead to clumping.

Many sailors use Ballistol for example also to make groove in which the luff and foot of the mainsail is threaded more slippery. A few drops are sufficient and the sail hits the mast high that it is a joy. And at the end of the voyage, when folding the cloth, there is no greasy residue.

Included in the Skipper set: 50 ml bottle of fluid Ballistol + 30 ml in the universal care pen.

Anti-rust oil Gunex

GunexOne of the main liquid tools on board each ship is an effective rust inhibitor. Gunex universal oil is the multiple test winner in the field of protection against rust. Use the professional rust protection on board there where you are dependent on long-term corrosion protection or, for example to winterise rust vulnerable parts or the entire ship, for which we supply Gunex in barrels with 50 or 200 liters.

Gunex performs perfect corrosion protection in all climate zones, even in the tropics and in the vicinity of salt water. With Gunex everything remains protected from rust for long term even in wet conditions.

Due to its surface tension Gunex is penetrating oil that penetrates autonomously in the smallest fissures. Gunex is able to work even in extreme conditions from -50° C to over 100° C). It infiltrated moisture and will never resinify or get sticky.

Included in skipper Set: 100 ml Gunex anti-rust oil.

Tropicalized Insect Repellent

Tropicalized Insect RepellentThe skipper is almost always where insects are most comfortable. Insect bites are not just annoying; they are in many cases dangerous. Even in home waters are, for example Ticks become a year-round problem expect of very short periods in severe winters with sub-zero temperatures. On board a ship, therefore, always an effective insect repellent must be available. Since you often embarks on ships and in different regions or even climates, it is important for the crew and the passengers that the agent is effective in all climates. This is the case with Stichfrei, our tropicalized insect repellent. Even ticks can people who have been treated with Stichfrei no longer recognize as "blood suppliers".

Included in skipper Set: 100 ml Sting Free Insect Repellent.

Use insect repellents safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

Applicator Pro ‐ better than any brush

ApplicatorThe perfect applicator for applying oils, solvents, black finishes, etc. ensures perfect results. The professional applicator is soft, yet does not lose any hair. The applicator is resistant to all chemical agents and can used therefore for black finishes, harsh solvents and for all of our oils. The applicator ensures safe and uniform distribution of the liquid. Unlike brush or sponge, the applicator reduces the risk of inadvertently get drops of the chemical or oil on the workpiece. Because the applicator Pro keeps the liquid so long firmly until a contact is done with the material and then outputs it evenly.

Included in the Skipper set: 3 pieces of applicator pro.


Ballistol Base-CapThe Ballistol Base Cap is made of high quality material. The logo is elaborately embroidered and not printed. The stable shield protects against solar radiation and glare.

Included in skipper Set: One Ballistol-Base-Cap.

Disposable vinyl gloves

Disposable vinyl gloves Sometimes you don´t want to get dirty hands on board or come in contact with certain chemicals or wastes, residues, etc. Even if you're on a "clean" Sunday Trip with friends and girlfriends and if a few times dirty little handles are necessary, the disposable gloves are very welcome.

Included in the Skipper set: 10 disposable gloves size L other request sizes (S M L XL) please fill the comment field when ordering.

Ballistol-Story as Booklet (German language)

Ballistol StoryThe Ballistol Story is a real treasure trove of more than 120 years of experience with Ballistol. Many also historical customers reports and tips and tricks for over 1000 applications of Ballistol make the story worth reading, not only for skippers.

Included in skipper Set: One Ballistol Story as booklet.

Stable case

Stable caseThe skipper set comes in a sturdy and lockable box that can except the supplied content equip with other items such as individually required Tools or disinfectant etc. The dimensions are L x W x H: 33 x 27 x 7 cm

Included in skipper Set: One lockable sturdy case.

Do you already know the On-Board-Pharmacy for skippers?
On-Board-Pharmacy for skippersFollowing the same principles as the home- and travel pharmacy kit, we also have compiled a favourable on board pharmacy kit for you that take particular into account the following: All necessary contents are available. All content, where you may prefer specific compounds (e.g. headache tablets, etc.), you compile self.

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