Horse shampoo
Horse shampoo

Horse shampoo

Buy the original horse shampoo by Ballistol. The experience of customers gives a clear recommendation.

Why no conventional shampoo from the drugstore is suitable for horses

Human sweat has a pH value of approx. 4.5, which is in the acidic range. Only the sweat glands of the armpit and genital region produce neutral or slightly alkaline sweat with a pH value of over 7. Horses sweat is alkaline. Therefore, you are not doing your horse any favors by simply using mild shampoo from the pharmacy or baby shampoo.

Shampoo for humans can negatively affect the horse's acid mantle and degrease the skin. This can weaken the natural defense mechanisms of the horse's skin. Fungi, bacteria and other pathogens can attack more easily. The horse's skin starts to itch and the itchiness has to be alleviated again with further means.

Therefore, buy a really good shampoo, which is pH-neutral for the horse and moisturizing for the horse's skin. Ballistol horse shampoo is dermatologically tested with „very good“.

Horse shampoo against itching

Many times customers ask whether the horse shampoo can be used against itching. First of all, it is not a „medicine“ that is supposed to have a specific medical effect. Itching in horses is always a symptom and has a cause. This can be an infestation with parasites, fungi, bacteria or other pathogens. Allergic reactions are also conceivable. The cause of the itching can be diagnosed by the veterinarian, for example. With regard to shampoo, it is important that it may be used in case of itching, because it does not promote it as well. For this purpose, for example, the Sensitive variant is a very good choice.

Experiences with horse shampoo

At the end of the product descriptions, you will find reviews from customers. These experiences with Ballistol horse shampoo are completely authentic, written by real customers.


  1. wet the horse's coat slowly. Wet starting at the hoof and working upwards. This way you give the horse some time to get used to the water temperature
  2. you can apply the horse shampoo with a wash glove. By using the wash mitt, you are giving your horse a massage at the same time
  3. you can also work without a glove. You should generally shampoo the legs with your hands
  4. wash out the shampoo thoroughly immediately afterwards

Horse shampoo for humans

Shampoo for horses is often used for people. This is also evident from the testimonials of our customers. This is probably the reason why horse shampoo is now also available in drugstores.

This is what people expect from the use of horse shampoo

The original Ballistol horse shampoo has been specially formulated to meet the needs of horses. Therefore, we cannot make any statements about these applications.