CS Spray CS Gas Defenol for self-defense 50 ml

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CS Spray CS Gas Defenol for self-defense 50 ml

CS Spray CS Gas Defenol for self-defense 40 ml

Holster für AbwehrspraysPlease note:
Here you get a suitable Holster for safekeeping transport and quick access to the defense spray.

Defenol CS and KO CS Gas with the superb active agent CS ensures your safety. Fast ready to use, strikingly effective: A short touch on the spray button directed towards the attacker's face will make the criminal unable to make a move. His eyelids will shut like in a cramp, his skin will burn like hellfire, the rascal will gasp for air and he will be ready for being busted by the police. Defenol CS and KO CS Gas shows their effects up to several hours depending on the intensity of use of the spray-button. The content suffices for many repeated applications. Defenol-CS and KO-CS Gas are toxicologically harmless if applied according to instructions. It does not lead to permanent damages whatsoever and is fully registered and licensed with the authorities for use without any gun license. Defenol CS and KO CS Gas is available in 40 ml and 50 ml spray cans with a highly practical carrier clip attached to the protective cap. The 40ml can is small enough to fit into the tender palm of a lady but big enough to tackle several criminals. The seal, which guarantees you that the spray has not been used before, should be removed when bought.

Defense sprays with panic lockPanic lock prevents misuse in emergency situations:
All our defense sprays with less than 100 ml capacity are equipped with a patented panic lock. This prevents in case of intuitive action in emergency situations, that the trigger will not properly operated. No matter if you press the panic lock or the trigger of defense sprays, the irritant will be released immediately. Nevertheless, the closure protects reliable from accidental triggering during transport or in the hand pocket. So you have the full safety on your side.

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Further InformationFurther Information

Paypal prohibits the payment of defense sprays. If you buy a CS spray, pepper spray or a dog repellent spray from us, all payment methods except Paypal are available for you.

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CS Spray CS Gas Defenol for self-defense.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

    • Marion wrote on 28.01.2019
    • Alles bestens
    • Henri A. wrote on 21.08.2018
    • Sehr effizient und kompakt.
    • Matthias Pütz wrote on 27.03.2018
    • Wie alles von Ballistol, einfach nur gut. Habe es aber noch nicht Anwenden müssen.
    • Peter F. wrote on 29.07.2016
    • klein, handlich und doch effektiv. Praktische Handhabung durch Panikdruckknopf, auch die… read more
    • Friedhelm M. wrote on 24.05.2016
    • Liegt gut und sicher in der Hand und ist auch in der Hosentasche sicher
    • Bea S. wrote on 22.02.2016
    • Bestens.
    • Anita K. wrote on 31.01.2016
    • Kann ich Gottseidank nicht Bewerten, da ich hoffe es niemals anwenden zu müssen.… read more
    • Thomas W. wrote on 21.01.2016
    • Schnelle Lieferung, logischerweise konnte Artikel noch nicht getestet werden.
    • Becker, B. wrote on 20.01.2016
    • Kaufabwicklung einfach und Versand super. Kleiner Helfer in der Not. Tochter und Frau… read more
    • Lorenz S. wrote on 20.01.2016
    • Perfekt, immer gerne wieder!
    • Marion wrote on 28.01.2019
    • Alles bestens
    • Henri A. wrote on 21.08.2018
    • Sehr effizient und kompakt.

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