H1 food-oil with Precision Oil Pen in a kit

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H1 food-oil with Precision Oil Pen in a kit

H1 food-oil with Precision Oil Pen in a kit

Apply H1 Food oil in the food industry and in gastronomy sparingly. Even if the oil can not cause any harm as in the case of Ballistol H1 food oil, is completely tasteless and odourless, it is useful to lubricate targeted. A clean and precise possibility is the Sommerhoff-Precision-Oil-Pen that you get here in a favourable complete kit with Ballistol H1 Food Oil.

Short Description Precision Oil Pen

The Sommerhoff-Precision-Oil-Pen is made of solid aluminum and dispense small quantities of oil finely dosed dropwise. With this Oil Pen you can reach smallest and deep hidden places effortlessly. The pen leaves the oil only exactly where you want it. All surrounding parts and areas remain free of oil.

Short description of H1 Food-Oil

H1 Food oil from Ballistol for the food sector and in households has the NSF H1 approval according the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is usable for the whole area of the food industry. Ballistol H1 is primarily suitable for food processing undertakings, e.g. in the beverage industry, drink, butchery, bakeries, etc. Ballistol H1 is colorless, odorless and tasteless, offers an effective rust protection for all machinery and equipment. Ballistol H1 is suited for cleaning as well as a lubricant or penetrating oil.

Weitere InformationenFurther Information

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H1 food-oil with Precision Oil Pen in a kit.

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