Sting Free Mini Insect Repellent Counter Display

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Sting Free Mini Insect Repellent Counter Display

Sting Free Mini Insect Repellent Counter Display

30 x 10 ml pump spray insect repellent as gnat spray, mosquitoe spray and tick spray + UV-filter for sun protection + skin care. The powerful selling display is particularly suited for the checkout and it is always sale quickly while the insect season.

With the tropicalized insect repellent Sichfrei (sting free) from Ballistol you are protected from gnats, ticks, mosquitoes etc. Ballistol sting free insect spray keeps all irksome insects away from your body. Stichfrei contains also an UV-filter for sun protection (sun protection factor: 6) and cares the skin. Furthermore, the insect repellent has a pleasant odor. Sting free is effectively as tick agent also for your dog, your cat, your horse and each other pet. Ballistol sting free protects you and your pets also from irksome and sometimes also dangerous bites of ticks.

Use insect repellents safely. Before use always read the label and product information.

Home PharmacyStichfrei is also a component of the 54-part Home Pharmacy and also of the Travel Pharmacy Kit.

Stichfrei Kids Insect RepellentStichfrei is also available for Kids and sensitive skin: Stichfrei Kids 30 ml or 125 ml.

Mosquito nets, fly screens and Ballistol Stichfrei

Please note: At the Ballistol Shop you get also mosquito nets for single beds and double beds as well as flyscreens for windows and also in bundles with Stichfrei for affordable total prices.

Stichfrei tropicalized insect spray protects for up to eight hours against irksome insect bites such as from gnats, stinging flies, gadflies, mosquitoes, sand flies, tropical mopane flies and tsetse flies.

Just spray it on your skin and forget about gnats and gadflies. Stichfrei has been tested for its toxicological harmlessness and is successfully used on all continents: Be it in the tropical jungles of Brazil, the gnat-ridden forests of Finland, the subtropical rain forests of the Himalayas, Africa or the subtropical zone of Australia, Stichfrei convinced its users in any part of our world. Stichfrei can also be used as sun protection. In combination with its anti-insect quality it is absolutely ideal for anglers, hikers, bathers and sunbathers.

Here you find all sizes and variations of Stichfrei insect repellent.

Sting Free Mini Insect Repellent Counter Display.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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