Camping kits

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    • Short-term camping kit
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    • Camping kit
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    • Long-term camping kit
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    • Permanent camping kit
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Camping kits

Ballistol Camping kits

Ballistol is the professional for cleaning, caring for and lubricating for outdoor activities. We have therefore put together some useful kits for campers.

Short-term camping kit

A long weekend with a caravan, mobile home or Multivan does not always have to be planned with great preparations. Just drive off and have a vacation. So that you can enjoy everything immediately, we recommend the Ballistol short-term camping kit:

Camping kit

One to two weeks of camping, with this travel duration the non-campers are on the road more often than campers, but here the planning including checklists for the "luggage" makes a lot of sense. We help with this kit.

In addition to the short-term camping kit, the Ballistol camping kits contains:

Long-term camping kit

The majority of campers are from three weeks of travel. No other form of travel is used as often for long-term vacations as camping. The Ballistol Long-Term Camping kit offers everything that campers need for a long period of time.

The Ballistol long-term camping kit contains in addition to the camping kit:

Permanent camping kit

If camping is not just a more or less long break from everyday life, but becomes a way of life, even minimalists need a little basic equipment. We have therefore packed the best universal and versatile Ballistol products into this kit.

The Ballistol long-term camping kit contains in addition to the long-term camping kit:

  Short-term camping kit Camping kit Long-term camping kit Permanent camping kit
Stichfrei insect repellent
Impregnation spray
Neo Ballistol home remedy
Universal oil  
Silicone oil  
Barbecue cleaner    
Hidden safe    
ProTec corrosion protection      
Universal & plastic cleaner      

We wish all campers a pleasant stay and are always happy to receive photos and are happy to also use our products.

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