Gun Stock oil from Scherell Schaftol Classic dark

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  • 50 ml with sponge
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  • 7,76 EUR
  • 12
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  • 24
  • 7,36 EUR
  • 500 ml
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  • 18
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  • 24
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  • 5 liter
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  • 243,79 EUR
  • 10
  • 238,57 EUR

    • 50 ml with sponge
    • 7,99 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 159,80 EUR pro Liter)
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    • 500 ml
    • 34,95 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 69,90 EUR pro Liter)
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    • 5 liter
    • 249,00 EUR*
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Gun Stock oil from Scherell Schaftol Classic dark

Gun Stock oil from Scherell Schaftol Classic dark

Light, red brown, dark brown, extra dark and Premium Gold

Every gun stock needs regular care. Our top quality special gun stock oil optimally conserves open pore wood, and thanks to the Gun Stock Oil anti damp complex, protects it against weathering influences of all kind, particularly from becoming stained or mottled. Only a small amount is enough to achieve the required success. Schaftol Gun Stock Oil is only manufactured using high quality, pure, natural products according to an age old tradition and the latest techniques. Schaftol Gun Stock Oil is also ideal for the treatment, maintenance and the care of other woods, such as furniture or antiques.

Schaftol ® Nothing but the Original
Schaftol ® originates from the house of "Jagd- und Sportwaffenfabrik Scherell & Co" ‐ founded in 1834 ‐ and was developed in the twenties of the last century by Oswald Scherell, Berlin, the leading Prussian gunsmith of that time, on the basis of his daily practical experience.

Schaftol ® has for the many decades since then privileged acceptance by the large community of German and international hunters, by the owners of high-quality weapons and experts for treating and processing fine woods. It is by tradition and by conviction for the best results that Schaftol ® has been successful over the last generations.

The reason underlying this acceptance certainly is the fact that Schaftol ® consists of highly refined natural products of the very finest quality.
Schaftol ® today certainly is the leading European product for gunstock conservation with best international success and acceptance.

Our recommandation:
Schaftol ® is also ideally suited for treating other wooden objects, especially fine and precious woods, antiques and furniture.

Polish stock wood only with the best steel wool:
Fine and finest steel woolDid you know that valuable stock woods can be polished glossy or high glossy with very fine steel wool? The processing of stock wood with fine steel wool leads to first class results. If you are working in a humid environment, a stainless steel wool is possibly of interest to you.

Schaftol gun stock oil is available in the following sizes and colors:

  • 50 ml bottle with sponge
  • 75 ml bottle
  • 500 ml tin
  • 5 l canister


Here you find all sorts and sizes of Schaftol gun stock oils.

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Dark gun stock oil from Scherell.

    • Jörg Winter wrote on 04.04.2019
    • Habe einen Schaft komplett überholt und bin mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden.
    • BERT wrote on 30.11.2018
    • THE BEST
    • Hans wrote on 19.09.2018
    • Dankeschön für diese Perfekte Ware!
    • Thomas S. wrote on 10.09.2017
    • Habe einen aufgarbeiteten Nussbaumschaft (kompl. überschliffen) hiermit neu … read more
    • Ilieski J. wrote on 22.04.2017
    • 1a super
    • Stefan wrote on 16.06.2016
    • Ein bewährtes Schaftpflegemittel, dass den Schaft konserviert und die Holzmaserung betont.
    • Heinrich N. wrote on 07.04.2016
    • Ich benutze dieses Schaftöl schon sehr lange zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit.
    • BuHi wrote on 04.03.2015
    • Super Möbelpflege
    • Theo wrote on 01.01.2015
    • Ich benutze es für meine Waffen. Einfach nur klasse.
    • Jörg Winter wrote on 04.04.2019
    • Habe einen Schaft komplett überholt und bin mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden.
    • BERT wrote on 30.11.2018
    • THE BEST

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