Moistener Pen

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Moistener Pen

Moistener pen for uniform application in widths from 3mm to 15mm

The Moistener Pen ensures a uniform application of moisture in different widths from 3mm to 15mm. The special fiber tip spends moisture without dripping. By a slight pressure on the hard fiber tip the moisture of the large tank will be absorbed. If you loose the pressure, the tank is closed again. This ensures that you always have a uniform moistening available during normal moisture pads are usually too wet or too dry.

The pen is delivered filled and is refillable anytime. There are also replacement felt tips, in case you want to moisten different surfaces that leave depending on the texture different contaminants at the fiber tip.

Typical examples of the moisture pen:

  • Moisten stamps, envelopes, mailer etc.
  • Moisturize colored paper and glossy paper
  • Moisten other rubberized materials
  • Uniform wetting of leather before embossing or hallmarking
  • Moisten evenly damaged surfaces bevor application of smart repair Stripes
  • Moisten paper tattoos
  • Moisturize transfer ribbon
  • etc.

Gummings which acting adhesive when moistened

Gummings be applied to different surfaces. After moistening the moistener pen such surfaces are self-adhesive. Often it is important that the moistening is evenly and or non-dripping to get a perfect glue results. This is exactly what the Ballistol moistener pin do.

Examples of such materials are:

  • Rubberized Paper
  • Rubberized glossy paper
  • Rubberized colored paper
  • Transfer ribbon
  • Envelopes, padded envelopes, stickers and postage stamps

Tinkering with colored paper, glossy paper, stickers, etc.

Children are happy with the shiny and colorful materials and lick the rubberized surfaces unhesitatingly. Although there are now gummings with taste, the fact remains that the glue does not belong in the body. The Moistener Pen is clean and prevents to lick adhesive surfaces.

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