Mairol Mediterranean fertilizer

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Mairol Mediterranean fertilizer

Mairol Mediterranean fertilizer

Mairol Sommerfeeling is specially adapted to the needs of Mediterranean plants in its nutrient composition. Meanwhile, Mediterranean plants are more and more common in the more northern regions. The gardens in Central Europe and the north now have the necessary climate for Mediterranean plants. However, the nutrients must been added with special fertilizers. The special liquid fertilizer for Mediterranean plants with immediate effect has a high nitrogen content for a healthy growth of all Mediterranean plants. The fertilizer promotes the formation of lush flowers and prevents by iron chelate and zinc the so-called chlorosis, the yellowing of the leaves. Particularly suitable is the fertilizer for Mediterranean and domestic plants with the same nutritional needs as: oleander, lavender, hibiscus, citrus, olive and fig trees, juniper and cypress.

The Mairol Quality Guarantee for Mediterranean Fertilizer

  • Mairol turbo-active effect: Selected chelated trace elements are immediately available to the plant.
  • High yield: 0.5 liter of Mediterranean fertilizer summer feeling is enough for 125 l irrigation water
  • NPK fertilizer 9 + 3.5 + 4
  • Suitable for foliar application
  • High quality selected raw materials
  • Especially for Mediterranean plants

Fertilizer recommendation and dosage for Mairol Mediterranean fertilizer Summer feeling

Fertilize Mediterranean plants from March to August once a week and twice a month in the remaining months.

Dosage: 4 ml of Mediterranean fertilizer to 1 liter of irrigation water.

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