Mairol hydrangea fertilizer

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Mairol hydrangea fertilizer

Mairol hydrangea fertilizer

Mairol Hydrangea Fertilizer is a mineral fertilizer for all hydrangeas and camellias. Perfectly adapted to the needs of hydrangeas nutrients with a special phosphate content and the addition of alum and iron chelate ensure healthy growth of the plants. A long-lasting bloom and rich leafy green of hydrangeas and camellias are the result. Mairol Hydrangea Vitalis is a hydrangea fertilizer that strengthens the plants and makes them resistant. The hydrangea vitalis is suitable for hydrangeas and camellias as well as for all moor-bed plants.

So hydrangeas feel good

You get the most beautiful hydrangea flowers by combining ideal location and Mairol hydrangea fertilizer. Hydrangeas prefer a location from sunny to partial shade. Some varieties are also preferred only in partial shade. A deep enough excavated loose bed with humus in a wind protected place completes the wellness program for the plants.

Hydrangea watering

Hydrangeas need a lot of water, but tolerate no waterlogging. Hydrangeas should often watered, even if the sun is not shining. Hanging flowers and leaves indicates a lack of water, which can damage the plant quickly and permanently. If the plant is already dry to the roots, the plant should immediately placed in a bucket of water. Hydrangeas in the field should generally floated. The soil must be such that waterlogging does not last long.

The Mairol Quality Guarantee for Hydrangea Fertilizer

  • Mairol turbo-active effect: Selected chelated trace elements are immediately available to the plant.
  • NPK fertilizer 10 + 3.5 + 4
  • High yield: 1 liter hydrangea fertilizer hydrangea vital for 500 l irrigation water
  • Suitable for foliar application
  • High quality selected raw materials
  • For hydrangeas, ericas & camellias

Fertilizer recommendation and dosage for Mairol hydrangea fertilizer

Fertilize hydrangeas from March to July once a week.

Dosage: 2 ml of hydrangea fertilizer per liter of irrigation water.

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