Mairol bamboo fertilizer

Mairol bamboo fertilizer

Mairol bamboo fertilizer

Mairol bamboo fertilizer is a liquid special fertilizer, which with its high nitrogen content ideally meets the special nutrient requirements of bamboo. Magnesium oxide provides rich leaf green, silicon for strengthening the stalks and healthy, vigorous plants.

This is how the bamboo feels good

Bamboo needs a bright location with high humidity. The bamboo should be protect from direct sunlight. The vessel in which you plant the bamboo should be three times as large as the root bale of the bamboo plant.

Watering bamboo

Water the bamboo regularly with lukewarm water. When the bamboo rolls up its leaves that is an alarm sign. Drought threatens the bamboo in this case. Cut out unsightly stalks.

The Mairol quality guarantee for bamboo fertilizer

Fertilizer recommendation and dosage for Mairol bamboo fertilizer

Fertilize twice a week from April to August.

Dosage: 4 ml of bamboo fertilizer to 1 liter of irrigation water.

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