Tick remover for nymphs

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Tick remover for nymphs

Tick remover for nymphs

As helpful as conventional tick removers are for removing adult ticks, Nymphia is recommended for the tiny nymphs. In fact, nymph stings are also quite common in humans. These not yet fully grown ticks are so small that they cannot sure be removed with tick tongs in accordance with the recommendations of the RKI. In this case, the Nymphia tick remover is the only tool known to us with which nymphs can be removed in accordance with the recommendations of the RKI (do not turn, do not squeeze, remove completely at the first attempt). We also consider tick removal cards not as safe as Nymphia for these small ticks.

Clinically tested at the University of Neuchâtel and recommended by numerous independent professional societies.

Nymphs also transmit the TBE viruses and Borrelia. Therefore, for the removal of the nymphs, the same urgent recommendation applies to remove the ticks as soon as possible. Because in the first few hours, transmission of the pathogen is very unlikely.

Nymphia tick remover is a precision device

The Nymphia® tick remover has an extremely fine, flexible and at the same time robust wire loop with a precise diameter of only 60 μ. With this measure, the noose fits perfectly around the neck of the nymph. The small tick is grasped, pulled and completely removed in one "working step".

Using the tick remover for nymphs

  • Place the loop with the open field over the nymph and press it lightly on the skin.
  • Pull slowly. The noose is placed around the nymph. Slowly move on until the nymph comes out.
  • Disinfect the puncture site.

Reuse tick remover for nymphs

In principle, it is possible to use the Nymphia® tick remover again. The prerequisite for this is that the nymph has been completely removed from the sling and that the Nymphia® tick remover has been disinfected. If this does not work safely, there is a risk that the nymph's pathogens will remain on the loop and cause an infection at the sting point the next time it is used. In these cases the Nymphia® tick remover should be exchanged for a new one.

Scope of delivery

One Nymphia® tick remover comes on a practical card and can thus be transported in all common purses and bags, etc.

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