Ballistol universal oil in bulk containers

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    • 50 liter
    • 829,00 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 16,58 EUR pro Liter)
    • Product No.: 21180 / EAN: 4017777211801
    • 200 liter
    • 3.129,00 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 15,65 EUR pro Liter)
    • Product No.: 21190 / EAN: 4017777211900
*incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs
Ballistol universal oil in bulk containers

Ballistol universal oil in bulk containers

50 liters or 200 liters of Ballistol universal oil at the lowest price per liter in a drum is suitable for all professionals who know that Ballistol has a practically unlimited shelf life because it does not become resinous even after decades.

Ballistol universal oil in bulk drum containers is an alternative for all professional users who otherwise regularly buy the 10-liter canister.

Here you will find all sizes at a glance.

As a liquid container, Ballistol oil can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether for application with a brush or professional applicator or for transferring into oilers and dispensers.

This is what sets Ballistol apart from other oils

Ballistol can clean, lubricate and care. Based on medically pure white oil, it is also suitable for almost all materials. These two facts make Ballistol so universal that over 1000 applications have been found to date. Ballistol Universal Oil is slightly alkaline with a pH value of approx. 8. This enhances Ballistol's high cleaning power and enables the neutralization of light acids. For example, it can not only remove acidic fingerprints on stainless steel surfaces, but also protect against new ones. Kitchen extractor hoods are therefore also a popular area of application. You can find out more about the use and application of Ballistol Universal Oil in the Ballistol Story.

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