Brake- and parts cleaner spray

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Brake- and parts cleaner spray

Brake- and parts cleaner spray

The Ballistol brake- and parts cleaner is versatile. It is of course suitable for cleaning and degreasing dirty, oily or greasy machine parts, industrial parts, brakes and brake discs. The cleaner can also be used safely on clutch linings and brake blocks. In contrast to simple brake cleaner, it can also remove organic contaminants in addition to inorganic, i.e. technical oils and greases. This parts cleaner can even remove tree resin and stuck-on residue.

The parts cleaner ventilates without leaving any residue and has a pleasant scent and high material compatibility.

Ballistol's brake- and parts cleaner can also be easily used on paint and most types of plastic and rubber. An extra strong spray jet ensures that the cleaning effect is maximized, making the parts cleaner an ideal chain cleaner for coarse dirt.

Difference parts cleaner
You can also see a difference on the labels

Difference between brake- and parts cleaner and brake cleaner

The difference between brake cleaner and a parts cleaner can be found in the ingredients and how it works. The „simple“ cleaner works via an extremely fast evaporating solvent. The high pressure is also an element of the cleaning effect. That's why brake cleaner is only available as a spray. Such a cleaner is perfect for assembly work in a car workshop, for example.

A high-quality parts cleaner contains active cleaning ingredients. Orange terpenes and alcohol in the Ballistol parts cleaner provide enormous cleaning power with a pleasant scent. In addition, the parts cleaner has to work on a little more time before it evaporates. This means that stubborn dirt can be removed more thoroughly. Organic oils and fats and even dried tree resin are removed just as effortlessly as technical lubricants. This type of cleaner can also do everything a brake cleaner can do. That's why they're usually called brake- & parts cleaners. If you don't look closely, for example in a hardware store, this can lead to you buying something different than what you wanted.

Overview of the differences

Brake- & parts cleaner Brake cleaner
Spray or liquid spray, canister and large containers Only as a spray
Ingredients Active cleaning substances, here orange terpenes and alcohol. Only with spray also carrier and propellant. Solvent, carrier substance, propellant
Dissolves organic fats and oils yes to a certain extent, perhaps cleaning several times and helping manually
Dissolves technical lubricants and assembly pastes yes yes
Dissolves stuck deposits yes no
Ventilation time fast extremely fast
Dissolves tree resin yes no
Suitable for rubber and plastic yes, in most cases no

Overview of all Ballistol brake cleaners

cleaning bruchesParts Cleaner makes dirty brushes like new
After heavy soiling all brushes such as our bristle brushes, wire brushes and wool wiper can be cleaned again perfectly with the parts cleaner for renewed use.

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: colourless, clear
  • Smell: fruity
  • Flash Point: Spray approx.12 °C / Liquid approx. -4 °C (with solvent)
  • Boiling Range: Spray 80 °C / Liquid not determined
  • Ignition Temperature: Spray approx. 425 °C (with solvent)/ Liquid not determined
  • Vapour Pressure: Spray approx. 59 hPa (at 20 °C, with solvent)/ Liquid not determined
  • Rel. Density Spray: approx. 0.74 g/cm³ (at 20 °C)
  • Rel. Density Liquid: approx. 0.74 g/cm³ (at 20 °C & with pycnometer)
  • Lower / Upper Explosion Limit: Spray approx. 3.5 Vol-% / approx.15 Vol-% (for solvent)/ Liquid not determined

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