Brake cleaner canister 5 liter

  • Manufacturer: Ballistol
  • Product No.: 25346
  • EAN: 4017777253467
  • Content: 5 Liter
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Brake cleaner canister 5 liter

Brake cleaner canister 5 liter

The Ballistol brake cleaner in a 5 liter canister is suitable for many purposes. It is a brake cleaner and parts cleaner with cleaning-active substances such as orange terpenes and alcohol. It therefore has a pleasant smell and is of course also suitable for cleaning and degreasing dirty, oily or greasy machine parts, brakes as well as brake discs and clutch linings. It removes oil, grease, dirt and even dried and gummy oils. This cleaner can also remove organic fats.

The brake cleaner and parts cleaner evaporates without leaving any residue and is material-friendly compared to simple brake cleaners. The cleaner in the 5 liter canister is acetone-free and can be easily used on paintwork and most types of plastic and rubber. Please note that there are differences between brake cleaner and brake & parts cleaner.

Liquid or spray

This liquid brake cleaner in a canister is particularly suitable for application with a hand sprayer, which can also atomize volatile media such as degreaser. You can also apply this liquid brake cleaner and parts cleaner perfectly with the Applicator Pro.

For quick, thorough cleaning with spray pressure, we also offer Ballistol brake- and parts cleaner spray. With the spray you can loosen and rinse off the impurities in one go.

Content brake cleaner canister: 5 liter

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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