Counter display Ballistol universal oil

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    • 12 x 200 ml
    • 88,50 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 36,88 EUR pro Liter)
    • Product No.: 21850 / EAN: 4017777218503
    • 9 x 200 und 9 x 50 ml
    • 99,99 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 44,44 EUR pro Liter)
    • Product No.: 21840 / EAN: 4017777218404
    • 6 x 350 ml Varioflex
    • 83,70 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 39,86 EUR pro Liter)
    • Product No.: 21927 / EAN: 4017777219272
*incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs
Counter display Ballistol universal oil

Counter display Ballistol universal oil

You can choose Ballistol counter displays with different configurations. A display with the bestseller 200 ml is the most popular variant. Assorted sizes and a display with Varioflex cans are also available.

As a display on the counter or in the checkout area, it attracts attention and impulse purchases. But it is also a useful supply for colleagues in every workshop.


Without exception, all counter displays contain Ballistol universal oil sprays

  • 18 cans of oil spray
    This display is equipped with 9 spray cans in the sizes 50 ml and 200 ml.
  • 200 ml – the most popular size
    12 x 200 ml Ballistol spray are included in this counter display.
  • Varioflex: Spray jet and flexibly adjustable tube for precise spot spray
    The Varioflex can is delivered with a content of 350 ml and is included 6 times in this counter display.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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