Ballistol Spray 400 ml + aerosol extension 60 cm

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Ballistol Spray 400 ml + aerosol extension 60 cm

400 ml Ballistol Oil + a 60 cm aerosol extension

With this bundle you get 200 ml Ballistol Oil and a 60 cm aerosol extension to reach deep hidden places.

Description of the aerosol extension

With this extension you can reach deep into hidden places. It is perfect for Ballistol spray e.g. and for our starting fluid to inject ist into the air filter box and also for the maintenance of rifle barrels.

At the output end it has a small disturb attachment which radiates the medium in all directions. This allows for example to moisten pipes inside completely wetted. If you prefer to spray targeted, you can remove the small inlay and replace if required.

The principle oft the removable inlay:

Principle oft the extension

Specifications of the aerosol extension

  • Diameter: 5 mm
  • Length: 600 mm

Here you find the aerosol extension separate and in further bundles.

Ballistol sprayShort description of Ballistol Spray

Detailed information you find under Ballistol Spray.

Ballistol oil spray is slightly alkaline with a pH value of approx. 8. It is highly effective, universal and environmentally friendly. Ballistol cares, lubricates, disinfects, protects against rust and crawls into the finest corners. It is completely biodegradable, food-safe and skin-friendly. Due to its composition, Ballistol cannot become resinous even after decades and, thanks to its pharmaceutically pure ingredients, is also approved for parts in contact with products in the food industry.

Ballistol Universal Oil is the insider tip for

  • Do-it-yourselfers, industry and crafts
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • Household and garden
  • Wood and leather care
  • Anglers, hunters and shooters

Further information you will find in the Ballistol-Story.

Weitere InformationenFurther Information

Ballistol Universal Oil Get to know Ballistol Universal Oil – proven since 1904.

Oiler, Dispender and AtomizerHere you will find all all Oiler and Dispenser. Here we offer environmentally friendly alternatives to spray cans with propellant gas and also precision oil pens to dose your oil drop by drop.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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    • Schnelle Lieferung, tolles Produkt. Setze es universell und Gitarrenbau ein.

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    • alles gut ,gerne wieder.
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    • Endlich bleiben meine Hochwertigen Modellmotoren Rostfrei!
    • Friedrich S. wrote on 23.11.2017
    • Seit zig Jahren benutze ich Ballistol und bin begeistert. Es kommt bei mir in vielen … read more
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    • Alles bestens
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    • Alles bestens
    • Zubix wrote on 15.07.2022
    • Schnelle Lieferung, tolles Produkt. Setze es universell und Gitarrenbau ein.

    • klaus skupin wrote on 03.06.2019
    • alles gut ,gerne wieder.

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