Air Dry Car-Dehumidifier

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Air Dry Car-Dehumidifier

Air Dry Car-Dehumidifier

Air Dry is a Car-Dehumidifier with natural storage granules. Air Dry clears the windows ‐ especially in the wet season. Air Dry was specially developed for use in vehicles. It absorbs the humidity from the air like a magnet. Its discreet, anthracite-coloured, slim cushion shape fits optimally into the vehicle interiors. The natural storage granules are highly absorbent and can absorb up to 600 ml of moisture. Air Dry clears the windows ‐ especially in the wet season.

The Air Dry bag consists of a fabric at the top that becomes moist and a foil at the bottom that prevents the moisture from being transferred down.

Air Dry has very versatile applications, as shown by the following examples. Besides, it can be repeatedly regenerated by placing on a heater.

Effective protection against humidity is a part of "winter-proof mothballing". Not only motorcycles but also bicycles, garden furniture, tools and electrical equipment should be protected. If the surrounding is moist, it is advisable to pack the objects along with Air Dry.

Air Dry is ideally suited for protecting trailers and campers from humidity. Otherwise, problems occur during storage in winter. In addition to fungus, rust and mould stains, musty odour can also be prevented in the interiors. Thus, you can ensure a fresh start of the next camping season.

Unlike conventional salt-dripping systems, there is no risk of the salt water solution spilling and damaging the carpet or the furnishings. Air Dry is safe to use and advisable when children and pets are around.

The exteriors of boats and yachts are very well protected against humidity but not the interiors. However, there are valuable objects inside that should be guarded. Furnishings, metals and primarily the electronics are very sensitive to humidity and exhibit corrosion, fungal growth, mould stains and musty odours. Storage, especially during winter, under moist weather conditions results in damage. Water condensation takes place when the temperature fluctuates inside the building, e.g. caused by the insulation. Air Dry prevents this by reducing the relative humidity.

Technical Data

  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Moisture absorption: about 600 ml
  • Dimensions: about 35x16x9 cm
  • Regeneration on a heater

How Air Dry works:

Air Dry absorbs the moisture from the air of your vehicle interiors like a magnet. It thus prevents rust, fungus and mould stains as well as damage to the electronic systems. In addition, Air Dry also prevents unwanted odours and in this way creates a pleasant climate. Above a relative air humidity of 60%, the moisture is stored by the natural action of the granules in the bag and releases the moisture into the air once it is dry. Air Dry is odourless.

In vehicles, extreme changes takes place in the air within minutes due to breathing, ventilation, heating, air conditioning and external conditions like rain and sunlight. The moisture condenses on the cold windows due to the temperature difference between outside and inside. Air Dry responds by constantly absorbing the excess water from the air. The windows become clear after some time or fogging does not even take place. Up to 600 g of water can be uniformly absorbed. The duration of Air Dry's effect depends on the relative humidity, temperature and size of the vehicle interior. Air Dry is generally effective for 2-4 months after which regeneration is required.

The Air Dry bag consists of a fabric at the top that becomes moist and a foil at the bottom that prevents the moisture from being transferred down.

Instructions for use:

Air Dry is activated by removing the outer foil bag. The upper part of the fabric feels moist by absorbing the moisture. The saturation limit of 1.6 kg is determined by weighing.


Air Dry can be dried on a heater for reuse. Air Dry releases the absorbed moisture over a long duration back into the air, which may takes few days depending on the saturation level and the heating. A dry weight of about 1.15 kg should be expected. The alternate use of two units of Air Dry makes sense here. One, e.g., can be used for dehumidifying the car, while the other is regenerated on the heater.

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    • sehr gut, die Autoscheibe bleibt trocken von innen!

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