BikeClean Bicycle-Cleaner

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  • 500 ml hand-atomizer
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    • 500 ml hand-atomizer
    • 6,73 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 13,46 EUR € pro Liter)
    • Product No.: 28060
      • 750 ml hand-atomizer
      • 11,65 EUR*
        (Groundprice: 15,53 EUR € pro Liter)
      • Product No.: 28160
        • 5 liter canister
        • 52,64 EUR*
          (Groundprice: 10,53 EUR € pro Liter)
        • Product No.: 28061
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BikeClean Bicycle-Cleaner

BikeClean Bicycle Cleaner

The Ballistol BikeClean Spray is an intensive foam cleaner for the thorough cleaning of the complete bicycle incl. chain and without any residue. Even thickest dirt (e.g. dried up residues from mud, dust, grease, oil etc.) in heavily accessible places is removed automatically, formation of new dirt layers is prevented. Due to the high compatibility it is well suited also to aluminium, chrome and anodized parts. The Bike Cleaner from Ballistol contains no silicone, acids nor hydrocarbons. The effective surfactants are completely biodegradable.

Bicycle CareHere you find all Bicycle-Care Products from Ballistol at a glance.

Micro-Fiber-ClothMicrofiber cloth for bike maintenance and bike cleaning
Our high-quality microfiber cloth is ideal for bicycle maintenance. It protects the surface and removes most stains without chemicals.

Bare metal from the bike with finest steel wool to a high gloss finish:
Fine and finest steel woolSteel wool is not only for rough work. But for cleaning and preparation of valuable and sensitive surfaces you need very fine grades of steel wool and a high quality, which is characterized among other things by the uniformity of the structure. Our steel wool Made in Germany with the highest degrees of fineness to 0000 creates not only a high cleaning performance but also a glossy or high gloss finish even on glass and mirrors. If you are working in a humid environment, a stainless steel wool is possibly of interest to you.

    • Jutta mosandl wrote on 25.04.2018
    • Radl einsprühen, einige Minuten warten, mit dem Gartenschlauch abspritzen –… read more
    • Carsten S. wrote on 19.03.2016
    • Das beste was ich als Vielbiker zum Reinigen benutzt habe.

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