Gunex oil 200 ml Spray

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Gunex oil 200 ml Spray

Gunex Oil Spray 200 ml

200 ml Gunex oil spray is highly effective, universal and environmentally friendly. Gunex oil does never resinify and is qualified for long term conservation.

As spray Gunex Oil contains additively compressed air to relief the environment.

Gunex Spray – the perfect oil for the long-term preservation of bare metallic parts, even in extreme conditions (-50°C up to 100°C); this oil creeps between metal and moisture, infiltrates hairline cracks, cleans, keeps surfaces smooth, does not get sticky or resinify either. Gunex is free from silicone.

aerosol extension for starting fluidAs supply and in bundles with Oil Spray we offer also a 60 cm long aerosol extension to reach deep hidden areas.

Description of some possible applications for Gunex Oil Spray:

Gunex Spray in Industry, Crafts and Agriculture

Protection, preservation and maintenance of tools, fine-mechanical instruments, measuring instruments, moulds and stamps in all climatic zones, also in tropical regions. Gunex Spray is ideal for the interim storage or the transport of semi-finished or ready-made parts of steel or iron indoors as well as outdoors. Gunex provides long-lasting rust protection even in wet weather conditions.

Gunex Oil Spray for Hunting, Shooting, Fishing

Gunex removes residue of gunpowder and tombac, keeps mechanisms smoothly working in rifles, guns and revolvers, maintains and preserves. Resins and improper oils are dissolved, grooves and surfaces become shining again. Recommended for the maintenance of fishing rods, telescopic tubes and reels.

Gunex Oil Spray for House and Gardening

Gunex Oil Spray maintains, protects and keeps everything in top shape, which might be screeching, creaking or seizing. Be it doorlocks, hinges, bicycles or motorbikes – everything keeps working smoothly and reliably, becomes maintained and preserved. In gardening Gunex serves to maintain and preserve gardening machines and tools.

Gunex Spray for Cars & Motoring

Gunex Spray is for creaking, squeaking and arresting hinges, bushings, sleeves, boot locks, screwed joints etc. Gunex Oil Spray keeps doorlocks from freezing in, dissolves resin and dirt from the coat of paint, protects metal and chrome parts against corrosion for a long time. Keeps contacts with batteries and ignition devices clean, moisture gets removed, and surface leakages are avoided. Furthermore, Gunex is an excellent oil for the chains of motorcycles.

Gunex Spray for Motorcycles:

Gunex Spray is also suitable as a chain oil for the motor bike. O-rings of motorcycle chains are permanently not attacked by Gunex. Gunex liable after evaporate also on very fast running motorcycle chains.

Gunex spray and bicycle

Gunex Spray is used everywhere on the bike. It cleans and lubricates bearings and chains, resolves firmly seated connections and serves as contact oil resp. contact spray and even it creeps into the smallest angles. Gunex spray also cleans and lubricates all moving parts such as chains, sprockets, pedal joints, click pedals, suspension forks, wheel hubs, Bowden cables, etc. In addition, Gunex spray is an excellent corrosion protection. It also removes resins of inappropriate oils and is ideal for cleaning of contaminated parts.

Gunex Oil Spray for Shipping:

Gunex Oil Spray protects and maintains reels, winches, movable parts, bare metal, screwed joints, hoists and pulleys in any kind of condition, be it saltwater or salty air. Ideal for winterizing boats and ships. Therefore Gunex is also included in the particularly favourable Ballistol Skipper Box.

All sizes and variations aof Gunex you will find under Gunex.

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200 ml Gunex oil spray is highly effective, universal and environmentally friendly. Gunex oil does never resinify and is qualified for long term conservation.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

    • Hr. Lindner wrote on 10.04.2019
    • Sehr gutes Öl für meine Waffenpflege.
    • Günter Fernolend wrote on 04.02.2019
    • Bewährte Quailtät.
    • Harald H. wrote on 18.12.2017
    • Hervorragend, wie man es eben von Ballistol-Produkten gewohnt ist.
    • Josef B. wrote on 11.03.2016
    • Top Waffenöl
    • Klaus Sch. wrote on 14.01.2016
    • Super Waffen ÖL
    • Josef K. wrote on 14.05.2015
    • bin sehr zufrieden. einfach top
    • Christian M. wrote on 19.01.2015
    • Einfach genial dieses Öl-Spray
    • Hr. Lindner wrote on 10.04.2019
    • Sehr gutes Öl für meine Waffenpflege.
    • Günter Fernolend wrote on 04.02.2019
    • Bewährte Quailtät.

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