Metal care Metal care

Metal care

When it comes to the care of metals, it is usually about cleaning, lubrication conservation or protection against corrosion.

These tasks are also the strengths of many Ballistol products. This includes the classic ballistol universal oil for more than 1000 purposes. Usta workshop oil combats rust and is used as a universal oil in many workshops for lubrication and preservation. PTFE spray ensures hygienic dry lubrication. Ustanol precision mechanics oil is a very thin penetrating oil for cleaning, lubrication, preservation for corrosion protection. In addition, there is silicone spray for mineral oil-free lubrication and care of many materials as well as assembly spray for easy assembly and disassembly even under extreme conditions of -100 to +1000 °C. The film spray SEAL forms a protective and insulating film that is even saltwater resistant and UV resistant cover. The Ballistol Cold Degreaser removes oil, grease, soot, nicotine and diesel deposits. The Ballistol blackenings produce abrasion-resistant and durable quick browning in 10 minutes.

You will also find here our creeping oils: Ustanol for precision mechanics and Gunex, which has been awarded several times for its anti-rust properties as a test winner. The bike care by Ballistol is the care program for professionals and ambitious cyclists, with the now even occasional bikers have the opportunity for professional and value-preserving bike care.

We complete the range of metal care with many useful tools such as lubricators, dosing devices, precision oil pens and much more. So we help you with professional tools to clean oil and lubricate.