Trap Oil

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Trap Oil

Trap oil odorless

Ballistol Trap Oil is odorless, environmentally neutral and protects against corrosion and other damage caused by environmental influences.

Animal traps which are used for trap-hunting must be oiled from time to time.

Requirements for trap oil:

Only with a completely odorless oil, it is possible that animals walk into the trap. Also the trap oil should not be harmful to the trapped animal. At the same time it has to lubricate, protect against corrosion and other environmental disturbances and should lubricate the movable parts of the trap has to prevent squeaking noises.

Properties of Ballistol oil case:

Case of oil Ballistol is completely odorless, corresponds to the food regulations, is completely biodegradable and do not pollute the ground or groundwater. Moreover Ballistol oil trap oil is completely harmless, if it is licked or swallowed by the trapped animal.

Ballistol trap oil offers also first class lubrication, protects against corrosion and prevents squeaking and creaking. Ballistol trap oil is suitable for all kinds of catching devices outdoors but also indoors.

The trap oil works reliably in temperatures ranging from -50 to +150 °C.

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Trap Oil.

    • Ostermeyer wrote on 09.11.2022
    • Absolut zufriedenstellend. Gut zu dosieren, schmiert gut.

    • Pessinger Theodor wrote on 09.01.2019
    • Dieses gruchlose Öl schmiert gut, kann man mit diesem Fläschchen gut dosieren … read more

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