AquaDepot water storage

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AquaDepot water storage

AquaDepot water storage

New water-storing substrates are becoming increasingly important. Saving water prevents the direct flow of irrigation water into the groundwater and thus also reduces water consumption.

Mairol's original AquaDepot is known, among other things, for the TV coverage of the product presentation at the world's largest plant fair, the IPV in Essen. Mairol AquaDepot stores water and nutrients and prevents dryness in the root area. By using Mairol AquaDepot you also save water as a resource. Also, less time is required. The pouring interval can be extended by four to seven days. That means: less watering, more garden and balcony to enjoy.

AquaDepot from the Mairol-Bio series optimizes the soil structure and is completely degraded.

Mairol AquaDepot is suitable for all plants

New environmental situations call for an efficient and sustainable use of the resource water. Mairol water storage ensures a continuous demand-oriented water delivery to the plant. This means less stress for the plants, especially during prolonged heat. Mairol water storage is suitable for all plants in the earth. For beds, graves, flower tub on balcony and terrace. For flowers, AquaDepot is just as suitable for the vegetable patch and for shrub fruit. For graves, the advantage is that even in drought, the water depot supplies the grave plants with the required moisture. Because even in high heat does not have to be poured every day, but only every three to four days.

This is how AquaDepot behaves over time

The following picture series shows how AquaDepot soaks up of its own at the beginning within a few hours and builds up the water reservoir. The first photo was taken on May 29th about 5 minutes after filling up the glasses. The last photo is from June 3rd, therefore five days after the start. You can clearly see the functionality as a water reservoir.

AquaDepot picture series

Mairol water storage can be compared with a battery.

Application and dosage of Mairol AquaDepot

Method 1: Mix only 10 to 20g of AuaDepot granules into one liter of potting soil. Then it can be planted and then poured. 20 grams of granules in the soil store just under a liter of water. This will be gradually added.

Method 2: To avoid having to pour the water gradually, you can do this too. First, let the Mairol granules swell sufficiently in a bucket of water and then mix with the soil. The application then takes place near the roots of the plant.

Water absorption

Mairol AquaDepot creates a sponge structure with a grain size of approx. 6 mm when dry. When water is absorbed, the granules swell to a natural sponge. The structure does not change.

Mairol AquaDepot stores 30 times its own weight in water.

The water is available to plant if needed. There is no waterlogging.


The natural Aqua-Depot sponge is formed back during dryness and water withdrawal. As soon as it comes into contact with water, the granules swell again.

Mairol AquaDepot ensures sustainable soil loosening, so that the plants can root well through the soil. The intake of water and the dissolved nutrients is optimized.

AquaDepot is resistant to salts

The volume of the sponge structure shrinks by about 30% after direct nitrate or fertilizer application. The sponge structure remains completely intact. The Mairol water reservoir binds all nutrients directly into where you put them in the soil. This reduces the elutriation of the salts into the groundwater.


Mairol AquaDepot will be completely degraded by natural microorganisms within three years. Almost complete: only the natural volcanic stone powder from the granules remains in the ground.

Mairol is quality since 1920 Made in Germany.

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