Mairol Nutrient Storage NutriZeolith

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Mairol Nutrient Storage NutriZeolith

Mairol Nutrient Storage NutriZeolith

Mairol NutriZeolith is a permanent nutrient reservoir made from naturally processed rock of volcanic origin. With a particle size of 3-5 mm, NutriZeolith can efficiently store dissolved nutrients and water. The nutrient storage thus ensures a lasting improvement of the soil. The soil becomes looser and the growth of the plants improves visibly. NutriZeolith Nutrient Storage ensures that water is absorbed and released with the nutrients it contains.

The Mairol Nutrient Storage is organic certified (EG834/2007, 889/2008) and approved for Organic Farming and Organic Agriculture (BVL No. 6746-00).

The Mairol Quality Guarantee for Mairol Nutrient Storage NutriZeolith

  • Nutrient storage and water storage.
  • Loosens and maintains the soil structure.
  • Special application in professional gardening and landscaping for lawns and golf courses.
  • Protection of groundwater and the environment.
  • Nutrients are stored and do not get into the groundwater.
  • Use as decorative plant granules in pots and beds and as drainage in planters.
  • Ideal for mixing with Mairol AquaDepot.

Contents: 1 kg Mairol Nutrient Storage NutriZeolith as granules.

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