BioAlgae Universal Plant Vital Bio Algae Extract

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BioAlgae Universal Plant Vital Bio Algae Extract

BioAlgae Universal Plant Vital Bio Algae Extract

Mairol BioAlgae consists of 100% organic algae extract and is used for traditional strengthening of horticultural plants.

Mairol Plant Vital vitalises the plants biologically by algae. BioAlgae brings the power of the ocean from the Atlantic into the garden. Mairol plant vital is obtained from fresh renewable seaweed. The application accelerates the photosynthesis of plants and stimulates their activity in the soil.

Mairol Plant Vital provides the plants with a variety of microelements and nutrients. Algae contain nitrogen, potassium salts, phosphorus, trace elements and magnesium. Mairol BioAlgae is odorless and has a green natural coloring. Mairol Pflanzenvital provides the plants in a natural way.

Mairol quality guarantee

  • Improves the nutrient content of the plants.
  • Protects and strengthens the plants from environmental influences.
  • Promotes healthy growth and vigorous rooting.
  • Natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • Can be soak up over the leaves.

Content: 1000ml

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