Ballistol Universal Oil 10 liter canister

Ballistol Universal Oil 10 liter canister

Ballistol Universal Oil 10 liter canister

10 Liter Universal Oil is for all professional users and ambitious Ballistol fans. Practically the Oil is durable unlimited because it does not resinify even in decades.

As fluid Ballistol Oil is even more versatile applicable than a spray can. Whether to apply with a brush or for decant into an oiler. Fluid containers you get from 50 ml to 200 liter.

What Ballistol can do

Ballistol Oil is for maintaining of metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals' coat and much more. Ballistol Oil is ideally suited for handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.

Ballistol Oil and Metal

Ballistol is widely used in the precision gauge and tool industry and in the production of scales and other precision instruments. Ballistol provides a protective alkaline film on the surface of metals, neutralizes hand sweat and other acid corrosive residues so that the surface is protected of corrosion. Due to its low surface tension, it is capable of creeping into the tiniest cracks and fissures of metal surfaces. It cleans and makes silver and brass shiny. Brilliant for the upkeep of tools and instruments in the field of precision mechanics.
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Ballistol and Leather

Ballistol effectively protects leather against getting hard and dry, against water, insects and fungi. Residues of tannic acid in leather will be neutralized. Dry leather softens and gets elastic again with a dull shine. Bright leather can get darker. The typically smell of Ballistol will evaporate quickly. There will be no greasy film on the leather.
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Ballistol Oil and Wood

Ballistol protects, preserves and rejuvenates all natural wooden surfaces. It enhances the woodgraining and protects against humidity and insect damage. It’s ideal for antique furniture!
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Ballistol and Plastics

Ballistol maintains and protects oil-resistant synthetic material, preserves its elasticity and protects from drying out and getting obdurate. It prevents adhesive rubber of car doors in winter, it renews the shine of synthetic surfaces without producing a greasy film.
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Ballistol for Skin and Coat

Ballistol is kind to the skin and completely harmless if inadvertently taken. It's ideally suited for the care of animals' coats, for cleaning their outer ears and for horses' manes, tail hairs and hooves.
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Ballistol and Guns

Ballistol protects from corrosion, lubricates, cleans and acts against residues of powder, lead, copper and tombac. It creeps into finest fissures and dissolves old soilings and resins of unsuited oils. It neutralizes combustion residues. It also cleans, maintains and preserves the wooden stock and leather gun slings.
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Ballistol Oil and Environment

Ballistol is made of natural substances. It is safe for people and animals. Neither its use nor its natural decomposition will pollute the environment. The white oil used for the production is absolutely pure from the medical point of view. Ballistol contains a harmless combination of antioxidants and medical oils so that it is not susceptible to aging and does not resinify for years. Read more about this aspect in the Ballistolstory.

Ballistol for a thousand and more uses

Due to its combination of ingredients Ballistol cannot resinify. Because of its pharmaceutically clean substances it can also be used in the process of food production. For much more information please order the Ballistol-Story. Just phone or write us and we will send it to you. Ballistol is available in a glass bottle of 50 ml, in a can with 500 ml, in bigger sizes up to 200 liters and as spray can in 50 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml. Our Pump Sprayer contains 250 ml and is the most economic alternative to aerosols. Our Oil Pencil is for punctual and very exact use of Ballistol.

Skipper SetBallistol is very popular with skippers, because it can be used on board with little space for countless purposes. What Skipper Robert Reichmann e.g. recommends and what Ballistol can do on board, you can read in the description of the discounted Ballistol Skipper Box.

Further Informationen about Ballistol

Liquid containers you get from 50 ml to 200 liters. In addition to the liquid oils we also provide Ballistol Spray as spray oil. You'll also get Ballistol oil in sets with professional oilers and atomizers, which can replace the spray cans with propellant completely. The special hand sprayer can atomize Ballistol oil almost fine as a spray can. There is also the Universal oil in the popular Ballistol wipes and the small point lubricator or in the big Ballistol care pen.

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Further InformationFurther Information

History of BallistolThe history of Ballistol oil is an exciting story that begins in 1874 and resulted in a competition of the Imperial Army to the still successful formula of Ballistol Oil. We also show you in this short story the brand development in the past 120 years.

Ballistol-StoryIn the Ballistol-Story you will find a table of the application areas of Ballistol - differentiated by materials. In addition, you will find details on durability, ecological aspects, toxicological test results and much more.

Ecological aspectsEcological aspects to Ballistol oil
Learn more about the ingredients and the environmental performance of Ballistol.

OilerOiler and dispenser for economical and targeted application of Ballistol and as an alternative to spray cans.

Differences between Oils. This category is actual only available in German.

5 liter Ballistol Universal Oil in a canister are practically durable unlimited and does not resinify for even for decades. Ballistol from 1904 is suited for more than 1000 purposes. Ballistol is skin-friendly, food-safe and disinfects.

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    • Wie immer, toller Preis für ein Super-Produkt und sehr schnelle Lieferung!

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