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Sanitizer disinfectant.jpg Ballistol is probably the only universal oil for such a wide range of applications. From the beginning, Ballistol oil is designed for disinfection of wounds, leather care, metal care and much more. More about Ballistol can be read in the Ballistol-Story which we will send you for free. This oil does never resinify - not even after decades of storage. The universal oil is so pure that it is used for disinfection, wound care and in the food industry. Ballistol is slightly alkaline and is able to solve stubborn dirt and burnt residue.

After about 120 years corporate history, there is now a wide range of oils and other quality products such as: Body-Care and Wellness-Oils, the famous Neo-Ballistol home remedy, which is such versatile in body care as Ballistol oil in all other categories. Furthermore, there is the Animal Care Oil, the tropicalized insect repellant Stingfree, highly effective defense spray, natural wood care oil, and many engineering sprays you will get here in the Ballistol Shop.

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